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1985 Jeep CJ7 compact auger drills holes in places bigger digger trucks can’t access. Single man operates from reverse mount seat the drive and drilling controls. Augers drive motor is powered from the drive line and the hydraulics are powered by a belt-driven hydraulic pump on the inline 4.2L 6 cylinder gas motor. I don’t know this machine but it should dig 8 inches up to 36 inch 6’-8 feet deep with square Kelly bar is 9 ft from the bottom of bell. Dirt augers include 36” 24” 18” 12” 10” 2x8” all look in great shape!The commercial applications or services this Jeep-a-drill can provide are limitless like bumper posts, wood and steel bollards, railings, foundation round holes, tennis paintball telephone net posts & repairs to assorted playground equipment, residential fence deck and lights meter loops.Guardrail Installation vehicle can access the back side of the guardrail, with out traffic control.

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