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MAVRON ATL-6 ANIMAL CONTROL BODY, BOX ONLY TRUCK IS NOT INCLUDED BOX HAS BEEN REMOVE. ATL 6 TRUCK MODULE FROM CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, HAUL RABBIT DEER COON BEAGLE FOR TRAINERS VETS DOG TRANSPORTERS OR HUNTING DOGS. PER FACTORY “Truck Chassis Specifications & Requirements 3⁄4 or 1 ton Pick- Up Truck with Rear Bumper Air Conditioning 56” Cab-Axle Length Standard 8’ bed Alternator 100 AMP Minimum AND Wide Body Mirrors” 8ft. long came off a ford F-250 short bed.Perfect for tracking dogs groomers wildlife experts or pack your hog dogs, goats sheep, small caps, boars, ex-wives* or any large mammal. *DO NOT PUT YOUR EX IN HERE!! But take your hounds to the king ranch for a hunt in style!! I'm not sure what is all there so you should come look at this 6 HOLE ANIMAL TRANSPORT for yourself!

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