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Hydra-tension Operator controls tension with two brake systems the reel spindle brake and bull wheel brake. Hand wheel operated brake calipers provide precision tension control and positive lock up. Conductor may exit either direction from the tensioner, out over the conductor reel or ground level to the front for easy access with double sock. Features: Reel loading is straight drop in with no close tolerance mechanisms to align. Hand wheel calipers provide positive adjustment control with more safety than with hydraulic pump actuated calipers. High capacity ventilated aluminum bronze brake discs. (Optional fan cooling system for higher tension rating) Manual hand crank rewinder on reel spindle to retrieve conductor tail from bull wheels. 3 heavy duty stabizer jacks are bolted to frame both front and rear to quickly level trailer. Large platform area and seat for operator comfort and safety. Conductor can exit both from the front and to the rear of machine. Performance Specs. Continuous Tension: 4000 lb. @ 4 mph. (5500 lb at 4 mph with optional brake disc fan cooling) Maximum Reel Capacity: 90" diameter x 60" Equipment Specs. Bull wheels: 39" diameter at bottom of groove. Dimensions: Length 20’ 2" Width 96" Height 108" Empty Weight: 5,600 lb.GVWR: 16,000 lb.

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