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2003 Altec AD108 Self-Propelled Underground Cable Puller, Deutz diesel, with sliding hyd pilot line winder, 2 hyd outriggers, winch & pendant control, Deutz Diesel. Reel Diameter: 48 in to 108 in Reel Width: 38 in to 68 in Reel Weight: 14,000 lb Drive Torque: 15,000 Drive Speed: 0 to 12 RPM, infintely variable Reels Are Loaded And Rotated Under Power Without The Use Of A Mandrel Bar. Positive Reel Rotation Is Achieved By Hydraulic Gear Drives Mounted In The Reel Loading Arms. Reel Is Mechanically Engaged To The Drive Mechanism For Positive Pull-In And Pay-Out Capability. For Ease Of Loading, Reel Loading Arms Hydraulically Adjust To Reel Width And Diameter. Reel Drive Output Shafts Are Capable Of Generating 150,000 in-lb (16,948 N-m) Of Torque. Unit Is Capable Of Removing Or Installing Cable Throughout The Entire Range Of Load Arm Articulation.

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