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Small Volume Prover Flow meter custody transfer process testing SVP Call Ken for sales info 210-260-1702. Pipe SVP mounted on a 2009 GMC under CDL 6500 is ideal for oilfield production applications. Are you building a testing package with valves and actuators or a mobile control skid, looking around for a bulk deal on individual components? Rig for maintaining accurate measurements, essential for profitable, efficient plant operations, as well as fair transactions. This has no software. 7.8 Duramax Diesel 234k miles, flatbed rwd Allison Automatic Crew cab 25950 gvwr. CAMERON CamCor PRO Series The CP CORIOLIS CP025 FLOW METER SENSOR T3 Series process flowmeter. FOUR WAY DIVERTER VALVE HYDRAULIC ACTIVATED General Valve 4-Way screw jack unseat, lift, turn and reseat motions. SVPs are now a mature technology themselves, tested and approved by both regulators and oil companies for proving all types of meters, including coriolis and ultrasonic meters. They can offer greater versatility and a more reliable operation, particularly in certain applications. Call ken for info 210-260-1702 API

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