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Sauber Model 1546 Multiple Reel Trailer Call Ken for more info 210-260-1702 Up to 4 Reel rack Positions Twin Hydraulic Reel Arms to Self Load Reels Powered by Hydraulic Wet Line 23,500 G.V.W.R. 6,800 Empty Weight (3) 84"Dia x 56"W (or) (4) 54"Dia x 56"W 36" Minimum Dia Dual loading cylinders with counterbalance valves, power up and down controlled by a single directional control￿valve capable of loading an 8000 lbs reel. Reels will be transferred to front positions by raising trailer￿rear hydraulically. Unloading accomplished by raising front trailer jack and transferring reels to unloading￿position. Gravity activated safety latch to retain loaded reel. Reel bar rides in channel each side - see reel￿bar section for positioners. Outriggers Individually controlled hydraulic outriggers with trailer leveling capability with counterbalance valves. Reel Bar (3) 2 1/2″ Diameter with AL-Bronze positioning collar (2) Bronze # SC1 3-step sleeves provide each reel station￿for concentric rotation with varying reel arbor hole sizes. Permanent retaining sleeve one end with removable￿track positioning sleeve at other end. Channel rail installed each side of top rail will guide reel￿to/from each position. Reel bar storage under deck - right side. Entire reel bar hot-dipped galvanized. Reel Positioners (5) # LLL-T1/T2 Bronze flip style holders w/ stainless steel hardware capable of stopping and securing fully￿loaded reel. No loose parts - nothing to disassemble. Spring loaded and secondary latching mechanism.

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