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HYDRAULIC LIFTING RACK has extendable arms, stiff legs on back of each side of trailer. Tension Brake for stringing cable or wire overhead. Braking accessory is an exceptional tool to keep steady tension on the reel when stringing over drive ways and roads. The lifting bars have the strength to raise large reels, transformers, loaded dumpster optional viture not included. and more. It also features adjustable arm length setting for 6 foot to 12 foot diameter cable or inner duct reels. Larson Cable Trailers are capable of lifting and carrying 4 small or 2 medium reels.When not carrying cable reels, the trailer can be used as a 5 foot by 6 foot flatbed trailer for hauling small equipment and other materials. The trailer bed features treated wood decking, for long life and durability. Turns many tasks into simple, safe, one-person operations.

Arbor Bushings & Locking Collars
Receiver Hitch

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